Specialty Engineering

TIDES provides design of buildings components to contractors and building owners. These include:

  • Structural Steel Connections Engineering

  • We carry out the design of steel connections. As well, our team is experienced in preparing steel shop drawings for fabrication.

    Sample Projects

      • Tranlink Data Centre, Addition, Surrey, BC
      • Feature Stair in a private Residence, North Vancouver

  • Light Gauge Steel Studs Engineering

  • We design light gauge non load bearing steel stud framing for wind and seismic loads. As well, we design load-bearing steel stud systems to resist gravity and lateral loads.

    Sample Projects

      • Lynn Fripps Elementary School, Langley, BC
      • Goldstone elementary School, Surrey, BC
      • La Quinta Hotel, Richmond, BC

  • Seismic Restraint of Brick Facade

  • We provide structural design for brick and stone ties to resist seismic loading. As well, we provide design for structural supporting elements to the fa├žade stone and brick.

    Sample Projects

      • Hill Tower III, Regina, SK

  • Seismic Restraint of Mechanical/Electrical Equipment

  • Damage of non-structural elements during earthquakes accounts for significant financial loss and loss of life. The Building Codes requires protection of non-structural elements during seismic.

    Sample Projects

      • Building 700, CFB, Edmonton, AB
      • Big Bite Restaurant, North Vancouver

  • Design of Structural Glass

  • TIDES carries out design of structural glass to resist lateral load. The projects include frame-less glass railing, exterior glazing system, and store front structure.

    Sample Projects

      • 936 Leovista Drive Residence, North Vancouver
      • 2300 Kingsway Canopies, Vancouver
      • Maple Farm Store Front, North Vancouver

  • Design of Structural Aluminum

  • TIDES carries the design of aluminum material for structural applications. This includes the design of railing system, and design of awning structure.

    Sample Projects

      • 1616 Lynn Valley Railing, North Vancouver
      • New Awning, Vancouver